Hi there. yep that’s us… Murray, Janelle, Archie and Lexie Francis.

We’re pretty passionate about our little patch and the area in general. We hope you soon are as well.

Love to hear from you.



After some successful events off-site, we’re ready to open up Bandywallop to the public through one-off events.

We’re at the top of a sealed road bike climb with views across the region. When you’ve reached the top, you can keep going into the pine plantation or stop at our shipping container slash craft beer bar.

Walking tracks abound on the property with creek and climbs, bush and bends.

Finally, nestled at the bottom of a natural amphitheatre with crown land as your backdrop, we’re excited to be the newest live music festival venue in the region.


The property is half of an old family dairy farm from the 1940s. We currently have a small dairy shorthorn cattle stud. These dual purpose cattle came over with the First Fleet (though not these particular cows) and were once much more popular than they are now due to specialized dairy and beef operations. We’re planning to experiment with cheesemaking, but for now the beef is slow maturing and super tasty.

We have a small cider apple and pear orchard planted four years ago and ready to rock and roll in 2020. Vegetables of all sort grow around the place with a plentiful supply of garlic (hummus anyone?). The pigs turn the soil over and fertilize.


Although the district has been the best kept secret for some years now, we would like the Guts of Gippsland to be more than a fuel stop.

Spring through autumn, we’re open for you to take advantage of wonderful camping spots on our property.

And sooner than you know it, we will be offering accommodation in moveable tiny houses.